EuSEN new year greetings 2014

Dear Colleagues, Happy New Year!

I send my best wishes to all of you who are celebrating the start of a wonderful year 2014.

As we stand at the dawn of our yearlong achievement, EuSEN is entering a new stage of progress. The year 2013 was the 3th year of the Society. We had last year our successful first congress as a satellite congress of the Swiss emergency nursing society. In the February newsletter we will report on this congress and the general assembly.
We promise to keep you updated of our latest developments. I would like to thank you for being our valued partners in this important period of creating and developing the European Society for Emergency Nursing.

On behalf of the entire board I wish you good health and happiness with the knowledge that wonderful days are ahead for all of us in 2014.
Let’s all keep the slogan of EuSEN high:


Door Lauwaert ,President EuSEN

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